Friday, December 20, 2013

Low Cutoff 2013 Round-Up

This will be the last Low Cutoff post in 2013, and what a year it has been. Though Low Cutoff has archived posts that go back a few years, the site itself was launched little more than 12 months ago. With the addition of Blips, I've been publishing stories every weekday (with exceptions, of course), which has been a wonderful practice to maintain that both keeps me on top of current happenings, while also forcing me to write something everyday. Here are some of my favorite posts from 2013:

Unfit For Consumption
Ever-Present: Proteus (Mac) Review
Half-Tucked: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (PS3) Review
Selfish Superhero: inFamous (PS3) Review
Blips: New Media Literacy
The Remake Impulse
Bonus Feature: Interview with Miasmata Designer, Bob Johnson
Blips: The ____(name) of ____(medium)
Retro Blips: Critical Void
Blips: A Gran ol' Time
Blips: Buyers Market
Blips: Antagonist Gamer
Blips: Press X to Rosebud
Blips: The Artist's Dilemma
Blips: The Ludonarrative Dumpster
Bonus Feature: Interview with Pippin Barr
Development Hell: Crypt Worlds (Mac) Review
Blips: The Age Of Games Is Upon Us
Gotcha!: An ARG Story
Blips: Hidden Fortress
Blips: Indulgence
Blips: Video Games: Legacy: Origins
Blips: Platform Exclusive

Additionally, my work also appeared on a few other sites. Here were my favorite freelance stories from 2013:

How the magic sounds of Proteus are making their way into the real world (Kill Screen)
Completely Hands-On (Unwinnable)
Twilight Crossfade (re/Action)
Inside the videogame version of the Marina Abramovic Institute (Kill Screen)
Real Simulation, False Prophecy (PopMatters)
The Stanley Parable Review: A Review of The Stanley Parable (Kill Screen)
How an artist turned Shadow of the Colossus into a rumination on chance (Kill Screen)
The PlayStation 4: A Review in Four Parts (Kill Screen)
The top 10 worst buzzwords of 2013 (Kill Screen)

As far as actual games go, I don't have a list of 10 games that were released this year, but I will mention a few that I played this year that I really enjoyed:

The Stanley Parable
Pac-Man CE DX+
Crypt Worlds
WipeOut HD Fury
Gran Turismo 6
Money Idol Exchanger
Slave of God
SimCity 2000
World of Glue 

I'll be doing a "best music" list over on the old Gold Skulltulla blog, so keep a lookout for that. Otherwise, see you in 2014!

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