Monday, January 13, 2014

Blips: Blue Book Value

Source: Gran Turismo 6 is the racing game of our dreams
Author: Dan Solberg
Site: Kill Screen

OK, I'm a week delayed getting back to regular posting, but give me a break, I was driving through the polar vortex. Speaking of driving, I've also been playing quite a bit of Gran Turismo 6, and wrote a review for Kill Screen (check out their fancy new website too). It's a very good game.

The big thing that ended up being left out of the review was how GT6 handles microtransactions, an element that I was concerned about going in. Well, turns out there's no real cause for worry as Polyphony all but hides the real-money marketplace from you. It's a totally irrelevant factor in the game unless you explicitly seek it out, and the game never pushes you to do so. While I applaud this approach, I also wonder how much this diminishes potential profits. It's a smart design choice seemingly made at the expense of contemporary financial sense. Heck, while Forza allows you to pay something like double the price of the game in DLC, GT6 is giving it up for the initial price of admission and still offers more vehicles and tracks than its Xbox rival.

There's something desperate about GT6 too, provoking the thought that because the game is only available on an "after-market" console, that the developers needed to offer more than usual to encourage players to keep their old machines plugged in. The result is that GT6 presents an argument for itself that's extremely convincing and comes off as a product of its time and circumstance more than most. To play Gran Turismo 6 now feels like taking advantage of a tremendous deal, and as much as I'd hope Polyphony would continue these practices come GT7, I have my doubts. So I say, get in on the action now before the microtransactions and DLC inevitably rear their heads once Gran Turismo goes next-gen. I'd love to be proven wrong here.

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