Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Blips: One Fish, Two Fish

Source: Cloned at Birth: The Story of Ridiculous Fishing
Author: Russ Pitts
Site: Polygon

Game cloning is a serious problem. In Polygon's recent Human Angle story, they speak with the developers at Vlambeer, the team behind mobile sensation Ridiculous Fishing about the experience of having their game cloned.

Members of the team recount feelings that echo some other sentiments voiced last week about "imposter syndrome." The fact that your original idea could be taken and executed upon by another team before you have a chance to formally release yours can lead to negative feelings directly inward.

Luckily, the game community was abuzz when Ridiculous Fishing finally saw the light of day, and seems like it has sold rather well. The unfortunate matter is that Vlambeer claims their next game, Luftrausers, has already been cloned as well.

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