Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Blips: Kickstarting Performance

Source: Kick: Started
Author: Pippin Barr
Site: PippinBarr.com

Back in May, I wrote about how indie game creator Pippin Barr had been in touch with world famous performance artist (and Jay Z dance partner) Marina Abramovic about some kind of collaboration. Now, a substantial chunk of that project has been revealed in the form of a Kickstarter for a physical space to house the Marina Abrmovic Institute, which will be an interactive space dedicated to the preservation and appreciation of long-duration artworks. There's great potential for game to be included under this curatorial umbrella too, seeing as many games take a long time to complete and some, like MMOs, never really end until the servers are shut down. How video games could exactly fit into the regular programming at MAI is unknown, but the potential is definitely there.

Meanwhile, Pippin Barr is creating a series of games as backer rewards for the Kickstarter campaign. One game will be an adapted version of the institute itself, featuring certain activities offered in the physical space, represented in video game form. The precise details of the how you'll play the game have not been revealed, but I'd expect something unconventional. Barr is also making a few other games based on some of Abramovic's performances and "methods," including Stopping the Anger, and Complaining to a Tree. I'm not familiar with these specific performances, and will be curious to see how Barr's sardonic wit translates to these kinds of premises.

5 days in, the Kickstarter is one tenth of the way to its $500,000 goal. While I could take of leave a meditation room full of crystals, the prospect of an institute for long-duration work is pretty exciting. Add in some new Pippin Barr games, and you've got a Kickstarter that I'd like to see succeed.

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