Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Blips: Drifting Off

Source: Proteus (Review)
Author: Gregg B.
Site: Tap Repeatedly

I can't pass up a good Proteus review, which is why I'm pleased to share this recent take from Gregg B for Tap Repeatedly. One thing he picked up on that slipped past me was the wide range of control configurations that Proteus allows, and how this makes the game feel more comfortable. I ended up not caring much for Dear Esther and was vindicated to hear from someone else that they too grew tired of depressing the UP arrow key (and little else) for the entirety of that game. Proteus is lumped into a similar walkabout genre with Dear Esther, but in contrast, it in no way feels laborious. Where Dear Ester was a path littered with trip wires that trigger obtuse voiceovers, Proteus is a living, breathing place that invites genuine exploration.

I've continued to play Proteus when I need a good come down. Some people drink tea, others listen to music, but I've found that Proteus is actually the perfect fit for this, and it seems like Gregg B is in agreement. He calls the game "tranquil and blissfully calming" and admits to wandering off to sleep not long after playing the game. I'm in no way saying that Proteus is boring, quite the opposite, but it has a different effect on me than most games. In fact, I don't have any other games that really provide the same effect, and this is likely because most games aren't built for relaxation. Even the gorgeous serenity of Journey is wrapped up in bouts of dramatic tension. There's something truly unique and, dare I say, beautiful to Proteus, and that something is everything that it is.

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