Monday, November 11, 2013

Blips: Looking Back

Source: Lilly Looking Through is a flight of fancy that keeps you wondering
Author: Dan Solberg
Site: Kill Screen

I reviewed the cute point-and-click adventure game Lilly Looking Through today for Kill Screen. It's a game that was born out of a Kickstarter campaign and has really smooth, lovingly crafted character animation. As I detail in the review, Lilly Looking Through is the video game equivalent of a short storybook. It doesn't take a long time to play through, and focuses on some brief instances between characters in fantastical settings without developing a conventional arc. I ended up liking it, but it also doesn't seem like a game that will stick with me. I didn't grow up playing a lot of these kinds of adventure games, so the genre has never really had its hooks in me, which is funny because first-person adventure games have been my bread and butter lately; can't get enough of them.

I think if you're in the mood for an interactive storybook, there's definitely some appeal in Lilly Looking Through though. I must admit that the underwater/colored tubes puzzle had me a bit stumped, and I solved it by just clicking things at random. I don't know if that's because the puzzle design is confusing or if that one's on me, but it was an instance where the game's animation priority kind of got in the way. I did think some of the steampunk machine design was neat looking though. Anyway, feel free to check out the review to see more. Thanks for reading!

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