Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Blips: It's PS4 Week

Hey, I know I just got back from a break little more than a week ago, but I'm going to have to apologize for an absence this week once again. With PS4 out this week, I've been attending events and diving headfirst into the console to see what it has to offer. Look for a piece forthcoming on Kill Screen that will act as a kind of "review" of the system, but it will be a bit more focused on the aesthetics of the console's UI options, controller and first-party games. I'm also playing a third-party game for review, so, busy, yes. To tide you over on the reading material side of things, here are a few links to articles worth checking out. Check y'all later (probably next week).

Ian Bogost on "Hyperemployment"
A deep dive into Tale of Tales' Luxuria Superbia
Art, authorship, and The Unfinished Swan
Crashtxt and the inclusive art practice of Twitter glitching

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