Thursday, April 25, 2013

Introducing: Blips

With so many interesting stories being written and recorded about video games everyday, it can be tough to keep up. I often feel like I'm reading and watching more than I'm writing and playing!

Blips is a new category of posts on Low Cutoff designed to make the most of this situation, highlighting the most fascinating things happening in the world of games on a daily basis with a bit of commentary to contextualize whatever is being linked to. It's a very similar philosophy to what Penny Arcade Report does with The Cut. Don't expect to see storified Twitter arguments, but do expect criticism and humor from a wide range of sources.

There will be at least one Blips story daily. Full-length reviews and features will continue unabated, in fact I expect them to appear with an increased frequency. Lastly, as a matter of housekeeping, Recaps have been reidentified as Features (note the reconfigured navbar).

Expect the first Blips post later today!

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