Friday, April 26, 2013

Blips: What Do You See When You Die?

Source: On Death (In Half-Life 2)
Author: Oliver Payne
Site: Nero

When you die in first-person shooter Battlefield 3 multiplayer, you fall to the ground and your character reaches out with their final breath. To whom or what they reach for is unclear. It's a gesture of desperation, perhaps overly sentimental given the quick respawn that follows shortly thereafter., a dramatic flair incongruous with the mechanical nature of multiplayer competition. Maybe it's helping to mask a load time, I don't know.

In Oliver Payne's brief essay/photo series, he reflects on Half-Life 2's unique perspective shifts during Gordon Freeman's death animations. Are the camera moves and rag doll physics meant to shed further light on the game's virtual world or perhaps on how we see our own?

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